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The present firm  was originally founded in 1959 by Morton Slone and Louis Bernstein to practice mechanical consulting Engineering.

The firm was joined in 1963 by Donald Piafsky who became a full partner in 1967. Gilles L’Ecuyer joined the firm of Slone Bernstein Piafsky in 1970.

The firm has continued since then with retirement from active practice of Morton R. Slone in 1974 and Louis Bernstein in 1978 and the entering into partnership of Gilles L’Ecuyer in 1981.

In December 1993, Donald Piafsky retired from active practice and the firm Piafsky/L’Ecuyer became Expert-Conseil G. L’Ecuyer Inc.

In June 1996, Mr. Yves Daoust, Eng. joined the firm as partner.

In January 1999, the firm became Experts-Conseils L’Écuyer Daoust Inc.

With the retirement of Gilles L’Ecuyer in 2016, the firm becomes Experts-Conseils Daoust Inc

Who We Are ?

Experts – Conseils Daoust Inc. specializes in the field of Building Mechanical  Services in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors.


Over the last 6 decades, our firm has accumulated a large experience in building mechanical system design for office buildings, commercial, industrial, and residential projects.


We are proud of our innovative designs in high-performance HVAC systems; we have successfully completed several  LEED projects.

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